If you’re on your way out of your home, and you realize that your garage door won’t open, don’t panic! Unless, of course, you have a very important meeting. In this event you may want to consider a wide range of repairs that could help fix your garage door without having to purchase an entirely new system.

The two main systems which allows your garage door to operate is the door itself, and the garage door opener, which is responsible for the movement and operation of the garage door. So if your garage door isn’t working or fell down and broke everything down to the windows, check out our repair summary below.

Below is a breakdown of cost for the most common garage door repairs as well as a summary of pricing.

Most common garage door repair costs

If you’re looking for a simple breakdown to identify how much your garage door repair may cost, look no further. We know that garage door repairs can sneak up on you and even leave your car stuck in the garage. So here is our general break down of common repairs.

Tilt-up garage door repair generally costs $150 – $200.
A roll-up garage door (with no cabinets or additions blocking the sliding shaft) the average cost is between $200 and $250. If it’s for a 2 door expect a $50 surcharge for the heavier duty parts. Additionally, if the brackets need to be disassembled to remove the springs because the shaft is not capable of engaging the spring on and off, then an additional surcharge $50 would be appropriate as well.

Repairs of an automatic garage door opener often range $50 or less for tension adjustments, regreasing or degreasing, and monitoring.

The last thing to keep in mind is if one torsion spring fails, it would be a good idea to replace both. The main reason to replace both is, if one was weak and failed the other is probably not too far behind. If only one is replaced, then you run the risk of the older one failing and breaking the other and even the door itself.


More detailed garage door repair costs

A broken garage door spring

The most common repair for a garage door is a broken torsion spring. This is not because the part is faulty or cheap, but rather, as the door is opened and closed thousands of times the metal fatigues and breaks. During your spring cleaning routine, every homeowner should inspect the garage door springs and lift the door up manually to test the tension system as well. If you notice it is balanced, don’t hear metal screeching, or anything else you’re probably fine.

The repair cost of a garage door spring can be between $50 – $100 depending on the size of the door. Some doors only require a single spring, while the majority require two. If you are factoring in contracted labor, the total cost could be between $200 and $300.


Broken garage door cable

The garage door cable is the cord that attaches your door to the motor that raises and lowers it. If during your annual inspection notice that the cable is frayed or detached, you will need to replace it. The cable is the simplest aspect to your garage doors function, but is critically important to prevent the door from slamming shut and breaking nearly every other component including the door itself! The cable alone is relatively cheap (between $20 and $40), but if you are looking to contract the labor out, expect a bill between $150 and $200.


Bent garage door track

It could happen to anyone and it’s happened to me, my garage door fell off the tracks. If your garage door has been knocked off the tracks, any operation of it may bend the tracks out of shape. If the tracks are bent, a rubber mallet may be used to bend it back into shape. In most cases a rubber mallet will work. In severe cases, you may want to replace the tracks and have a contractor do that work. If you contract the work expect a bill between $125 to $150 for the tracks and labor.


Misaligned safety sensors

The most common call we get is that a garage door doesn’t open or close. Well in 75% of these calls, the problem lies in the sensors. The safety sensors are located at the base of the garage door and are made to detect any material that may be blocking them.  If the sensors have dead batteries or are blocked, replace the batteries or remove the obstruction.

If the batteries work, and nothing is blocking the beam path, make sure that the sensors are aligned and pointing at eachother. The issue may be that they were knocked out of place and not looking at each other. Sensor realignment may cost between $50 and $75 from a contractor. But most homeowners are capable of fixing this problem themselves. Just wiggle the sensors around until the light comes on indicating detection. Then try your door again.  If, after alignment, the door still doesn’t work give us a call.

Garage Door Window Replacement

Repairing the window to your garage door could be a piece of cake or could potentially be an absolute nightmare depending on your approach. It also depends on the type of door that you have and the way the window is installed. The easiest type of garage door window to replace is that found in wooden doors. This is because the window is held in place by a piece of molding.

Getting Rid of the Broken Window

• Pry out the molding being careful not to break it. Also take care not to cut yourself with the broken glass.

• Remove any sealant or caulk by scraping it.

• Then you simply place the new piece of glass/Plexiglas that was cut to the size of the frame prior to the operation.

• Use caulk to seal the new piece of glass in.

• Reinstall the molding by using small nails. Be gentle when hammering in the nails and avoid hitting the new piece of glass.

Metal or Wooden Doors

Metal doors could prove to be not as simple to replace as the wooden doors are.
• First examine the inside of the frame. Check for screws that are used to hold the frame in place

• If there are screws you need to eliminate them and you need assistance. One person should be on the inside removing the screws while another is on the outside holding the frame in place. Remove the screws and the inner window frame.

• Pry the rubber seal loose by using a knife and then remove the broken glass. Be careful not to cut yourself.

• After this install the new, precut glass on the frame. Replace the rubber seal and screw the frame back in place.

Dealing With The Broken Glass

In case your garage door window uses a clip for holding the glass in place, it will require you to remove either a section or he whole of the door panel. This is a job that would best be left to the experts as:

• Tension from the springs requires to be eased and cables unwound

• The panel will be removed by taking away the hinges at top.

• Lay the removed panel flat preferably on a cardboard to ensure the panel and glass are protected.

• Pry the rubber seal using a putty or a knife carefully as you require the seal for the new glass

• Clean the frame of any sealant and replace the glass followed by the rubber seal.

• Using a rubber mallet, carefully hammer the clips in place. The cardboard beneath the panel is crucial in this step as it insulates the door and glass from the impact.

• Set the panel back in place and reattach the hinges. Rejoin the rollers and wind the cables in place• As a last step, rewind the springs.

Final Steps

Ensure the necessary precaution is taken when replacing the garage door. Garage doors could be potentially lethal. A last resort is replacing the entire panel. This requires you to:

• Locate the manufacturer’s sticker on your panel. Try to get their contact so that you can order for a replacement.

• The sticker will give you the model number of the door panel so that the experts at the manufacturing plant can get you the right door panel.

• If you fail to find it, the last resort would be to replace the whole garage door.

Garage Door Installation Overview

In summary, if you are planning to install or repair your garage door, it is very important to seek the services of a professional who has the right skills and equipment. Sometime you may think that that your garage door has a certain problem only to find out later that it actually has another problem. When you hire the services of professional company, their expert will correctly diagnose the problem that your garage-door has and will use their expertise to solve the problem once and for all. Prevention is better than a cure, our experts recommend that you should have your door checked on a regular basis to avoid incurring huge repair or replacement costs in future. For a Breakdown of the individual components required to replace or repair a garage door, look at the topics available here.

Raw Material and Labor Costs of Garage Door Installation

Are you planning to install a new garage door? If yes then it is very important to know the cost associated with the installation of a brand new garage door. For a single garage door, you be have to spend around $200 and for double garage door you can part ways with up to $4000. This price can go up depending on the type of material that you plan to use well as the style of the garage door. However, this price include the cost of connectors, adhesives, new tracks and fasteners.

Graph of Average Garage Door Installation

Cost Breakdown of Complete Installation (Per Single Garage Door)

You can choose to install the door by yourself or you can choose you hire an expert to do the job for you. However, it is recommended that you hire the services of an expert because they have the knowledge and well as equipment need to install the door properly. Insulating the garage door is very important and can help to significantly lower your energy bill. The R- value garaged door are highly recommended because they are able to block both cold and hot air besides providing a barrier between the outside environment and inside the garage. On lower cost, you will spend around $646, on average is $862 while on the higher side you it will cost you $1,078.

Believe it or not, the garage door is one of the most under appreciated items in a house.  It is the gateway you first enter when you are coming home from work, vacation, or the grocery store. With this in mind, when this piece of equipment breaks down, it will cause the most frustration.

Tip: If it stops working one day, try to replace the batteries before calling a professional.

Graph of garage door opener cost

Assessing Value

The cost of garage door opener repair varies depending on various factors. For instance, the type of door opener will directly impact on the amount you will pay for installation. It is very important to ensure that you choose the right door opener that fits into you garage door. Door openers have load limit meaning that if you don’t choose the right opener that is able to support the weight of the garage door, the opener can easily break.

Replacement Cost Breakdown

Selecting the right type of opener is very important because it will prevent you from going to the shop soon before it even complete the 10,000 open/close cycle. It is also very important to check out the batteries because they are usually the first one to go out. It is recommend that you hire a professional to check the battery before you make the decision of replacing the opener. If the battery is okay, maybe the problem lies on the wiring. It is important to seek services of a licensed electrician within your locality to check the remote opener to see if there is any problem that needs to be fixed. Depending on the issue that your door opener is facing, on low cost, you actually spend $50, average cost is $192 while on the higher side, you will spend $461.

Tough economic times has forced many people to spend more house working in order to sustain themselves as well as their families. With all the pressure of life, sometimes you might find yourself bumping into your garage door leaving it damaged. If the impact is not that strong, it will only damage the garage door panel. If that is the case, then you will only need to replace the damaged garage door panel which will cost you anywhere from $150 to $200.

However, if your garage door happens to be an in production model, then you will be forced to actually replace the entire panel which will cost you anywhere from $250 to $400. If your garage door is an old model that is currently not produced, then you will not be lucky. You will be forced to replace the entire garage door. This may not be good news to many but if you look it at the positive side, replacing the entire garage door is more cost effective especially if you look at long term benefits.

Graph of Repair Costs for Garage Door Panesl

Assessing Damage

If the damage is not that bad, you actually have the option of repairing the garage door panel to give it a new life. Some dents, holes, rust and rot can actually be repaired easily by a professional without the need to replace it.

The average cost of repair is far much cheaper when compared to replacement depending on the extent of damage, the average cost of repair are $190 for wooden doors, $170 for aluminum door, $130 for steel doors and $ 150 for fiber glass.

Value Added From Repair

Repairing or replacing you garage door panel is very important because it enables the garage door to function property. In addition to easing movement, repairing the door panel will also help to improve curbs appeal, a factor that will great increase the value of your house. This is very important especially if you are planning to sell you house in future.

Installing a new garage door panel is very costly because it will force you to part ways with $240 for 9 inch panel and $690 or even more for a 16 inch panel.

Has your garage door torsion broken down and you are wondering how much it will cost you to have it repaired? If yes then today you are in the right place. However, before that, it is important to explain how you can order torsion spring and extension springs.  Order a torsion spring online, and make sure you know the make and distributor of the spring that is currently installed.  The cost of purchasing a torsion spring will cost you anywhere from $40 to $100 depending on the size that you choose. On the other hand, extension springs can obtained at your local hardware and it will cost you anywhere between $5 to $30 depending on the size and quality of the spring.

Torsion Spring Repair Cost Graph

Material Costs

If your garage door has two spring, experts recommend that you should replace both of them even if one is in good condition and the other has broken down. Most torsion springs can only operate well for a period not exceeding 10,000 open and close cycles. After that, you should be ready for any eventuality because the spring can break at any moment. Once the first spring has broken down, it prudent to change both springs because it will just be a matter of time before the second spring breakdown. It will only cost you $50 to replace both springs which is far much cheaper when compared to the cost associated with another service fee when the professional comes for a second visit.

Labor Costs

The cost of labor for spring replacement or repair ranges from $45 to $65 depending on the company that you choose. The cost of labor will still remain the same regardless of whether you are changing one or both spring. It is there better to change both at the same time. The type of the garage door will also determine how much you will spend to repair or replace the torsion spring. For instance, if you have tilt up door, you will spend anywhere between $ 150 to $200.

On the other hand, if you have roll up door, the price will even go up. For a 2 car garage door, you will pay anywhere from $200 to $250 and if the brackets actually need to be disassembled in order to remove the spring, your will incur an additional cost that ranges from $50 to $100. To lower the cost torsion repair, experts recommend that you should ask the expert to inspect it when repairing other areas of your garage door.

2. Garage door pulley repair

How much does garage door pulley repair cost/ the cost of repairing garage door is relatively cheap when compared to replacing other parts of the garage door. The average cost of garage pulley repair ranges from $12- $68 per pulley. However there are other costs that you will not run away from. For instance, you will have to call a professional garage door repair expert to come to inspect and repair the garage door. The call service will cost you anywhere between $50- $90 depending on the company that you hire. If you hare experienced company that enjoy good reputation, then you should be prepared to pay more. This means that on average, the cost of garage door pulley cost will cost you $72 on the lower side and $158 on the upper side.

Your garage door is not only the largest door in your house, but is also the door that is used to store very important items. As a result, it is very important to ensure that it functions well all the time. A garage door that is not functioning property not only poses serious security threats but it also causes inconvenience. Just imagine waking up in the morning and when you go to the garage to open the door, you realize that it is not opening. That means that you are stuck because you will not be able to get your car out of the garage. That is an experience that you wouldn’t want to experience. It is therefore very important to ensure that your garage door is in good condition and that means that you should seek the services of a professional garage door repair service to inspect the garage door on regular basis to check if its needs to be repaired or even get replaced. Some of the adjustments that can be made include door lubrication, force and limit adjustment chain/belt tension or spring tension. So the big question is, how much will it cost you to repair your garage door? In this article, we are going to answer this question by focusing on various topics that are related to cost of garage door repair and replacement.

  1. Garage door repair costs


How much does it cost to repair your garage door? This is a very common question that many people ask. The truth is that this question does not have a definite answer because there are several factors that need to put into consideration. Some of these factors include:


  • The size of the garage door


The cost of repairing a garage correlates with its size. This means that the larger the size, the greater the amount you will be forced to spend to have it repaired.


  • The style of the garage door


Garage door differs in styles and so is their cost of repair or replacement. Garage doors with sophisticated styles also have sophisticated features. People who have garage doors that have complex styles and features will pay more to have them repaired when compared to those with simple styles.


  • Current state of your garage door


When was your garage door last inspected? If you are the type of person who always calls a professional garage door repair service when the garage door has broken down completely, then you will be forced to spend more to have it repaired when compared to someone who always have his/her garage door checked on a regular basis.


  • Material needed to repair the garage door


If your garage door is made from very expensive material, your repair or replacement cost is definitely going to be expensive.


The cost of garage door repair and replacement will vary depending on the factors that have been listed above. In addition to that, the cost will also vary depending on the state that you are and the type of company you choose to repair your garage. However the average cost to get your garage door repair or replaced ranges from $148 to $328.