Garage Door Window Replacement

Repairing the window to your garage door could be a piece of cake or could potentially be an absolute nightmare depending on your approach. It also depends on the type of door that you have and the way the window is installed. The easiest type of garage door window to replace is that found in wooden doors. This is because the window is held in place by a piece of molding.

Getting Rid of the Broken Window

• Pry out the molding being careful not to break it. Also take care not to cut yourself with the broken glass.

• Remove any sealant or caulk by scraping it.

• Then you simply place the new piece of glass/Plexiglas that was cut to the size of the frame prior to the operation.

• Use caulk to seal the new piece of glass in.

• Reinstall the molding by using small nails. Be gentle when hammering in the nails and avoid hitting the new piece of glass.

Metal or Wooden Doors

Metal doors could prove to be not as simple to replace as the wooden doors are.
• First examine the inside of the frame. Check for screws that are used to hold the frame in place

• If there are screws you need to eliminate them and you need assistance. One person should be on the inside removing the screws while another is on the outside holding the frame in place. Remove the screws and the inner window frame.

• Pry the rubber seal loose by using a knife and then remove the broken glass. Be careful not to cut yourself.

• After this install the new, precut glass on the frame. Replace the rubber seal and screw the frame back in place.

Dealing With The Broken Glass

In case your garage door window uses a clip for holding the glass in place, it will require you to remove either a section or he whole of the door panel. This is a job that would best be left to the experts as:

• Tension from the springs requires to be eased and cables unwound

• The panel will be removed by taking away the hinges at top.

• Lay the removed panel flat preferably on a cardboard to ensure the panel and glass are protected.

• Pry the rubber seal using a putty or a knife carefully as you require the seal for the new glass

• Clean the frame of any sealant and replace the glass followed by the rubber seal.

• Using a rubber mallet, carefully hammer the clips in place. The cardboard beneath the panel is crucial in this step as it insulates the door and glass from the impact.

• Set the panel back in place and reattach the hinges. Rejoin the rollers and wind the cables in place• As a last step, rewind the springs.

Final Steps

Ensure the necessary precaution is taken when replacing the garage door. Garage doors could be potentially lethal. A last resort is replacing the entire panel. This requires you to:

• Locate the manufacturer’s sticker on your panel. Try to get their contact so that you can order for a replacement.

• The sticker will give you the model number of the door panel so that the experts at the manufacturing plant can get you the right door panel.

• If you fail to find it, the last resort would be to replace the whole garage door.

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